Android and Bio Android Training Guide

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Android and Bio Android Training Guide

Post  Skater on Sat Aug 23, 2008 1:21 pm


Okay, this guide is for the new players just starting to play Clan DBGT 2.

First: When you log in you will be one of three classes "Low ranked" Medium Ranked" or
You might think it'll be good to be Elite ranked but it's really not Yes it's
easier to train in the first levels but over time you're level up's will be worse and worse
compared to those of Low ranked individuals.

Note from Kras: Only class that effects level ups is legendary which is Saiyan/Halfbreed only. Other three are the same.

This guide is for races such as Androids and Bio Androids which both have very simular training paths.
Android's have one major advantage they can absorb eliminating the need for pilling to trian.
The downside is with normal androids you have to have zenni to buy the Power Chips/Transformation chip.
Normal androids also have to pay back gero for their deaths. It's added on to the cost of the transformation chip.

Level 1-7

Unfortunately these levels are going to suck since there's only one training method and its not very effective at levels as low as this.
You may also try lifting but from what has been tried with that it's not very effective.

Level 7-35(Android)100(Bio Android)

In my opinion the worst levels.
For a normal android Hyperbolic Time Chamber trian to level 35 or whenever you can get you're first transformation then get someone to absorb you and train away.

For Bio Androids it's a lot harder and nerve wrecking.
These levels your going to want to shadowbox and Hyperbolic Time Chamber trian.
It's kinda Time consuming so it takes dedication.
You can also try to party on Sagas that's a great way to get fast levels on a Bio.

Level 100-325, 350-400(Android)

Welcome to the world of lifting.
This can get quite boring but it's all worth it in the long run.
To lift continuously you're going to have to absorb.
Crank the gravity up to 800 and lift away. Make sure you keep you're stamina/Powerlevel up.

Level 120-250

At level 120 you can start sparing on someone within 50 levels of you.
Or you can kill For Exp.
You get 5% per kill.

Level 100-200(Bio)

Welcome to the world of lifting.
This can get quite boring but it's all worth it in the long run.
Bio's will not be able to lift continuosly until their 200.
Make sure you watch your Power level and stamina.
You will be forced to Kaioken train.
At level 120 you can spar with someone within 50 levels of you.
Sparing will most likly be the least strenuous way to get to 200.

Level 200-325, 350-400(Bio)

Same concept you're still lifting but at 200 you finally get a temporary transformation meaning you can absorb then transform and train easily.

Level 325-350, 400-(XXXX)(Both)

Ki room quite simple run around and try to avoid the ki blasts.
Make sure you have A LOT of pl though.
It's advised to run on the Very hard setting since Impossible takes a lot of pl away if you
get hit by a ki blast.

Make sure you have senzu's and a Full Weighted Cloth set.

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