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Amazing Guild idea. Empty Amazing Guild idea.

Post  Kuroda on Fri Sep 05, 2008 12:57 am

So, I was talking with Rem earlier and came up with the most amazing idea for Guilds. Guild levels. Members of the guild can set the amount of EXP they want to give to the Guild in order to level it up. Leveling the guild would allow it to have access to better Ki rooms, Better weights/Gravity, etc. So, one guild could possibly have up to 2500x gravity using their points, and another could have better Ki rooms, or free training suits that have the effect of 600,000lb weighted clothes or higher (so anyone can have free weighted clothes if their guild is good). Those who contribute the most EXP towards their guild will be given some kind of item which boosts EXP gain, or starts the holder at 25% EXP per level, somewhat like Legendary. This would add a whole new level of entertainment to being in a Guild. After rethinking this, only the more well-known guilds should have the EXP boosters, otherwise people would just make new guilds and give a couple EXP towards it for the bonus. The ability to level the guild should be won in a Guild Budo. The leader/owner will decide what to put the level ups towards, recruiters cannot. Personally, I think this would make the game much more interesting, and bring people together so they can get levels easier. The guild would become MUCH harder to level over time though. 15 points (or levels) in a Guild would be almost unheard of. Then some ideas on the points were...

- 1 point = 1000x grav
- 2 points = 1250x grav
- 3 points = 1500x grav
- 4 points = 1750x grav
- 5 points = 2000x grav
- 6 and up would increase the gravity by 500 per point.
Max Level = 10

Pros: Higher gravity = faster leveling.
Cons: Higher gravity also means greater PL drain. Some might not be able to make the best of the gravity.

Ki Rooms**********
- 1 point = Gain EXP 1.175 times faster.
- 2 points = Gain EXP 1.25 times faster.
- 3 points = Gain EXP 1.375 times faster
- 4 points = Gain EXP 1.4 times faster.
- 5 points = Gain EXP 1.5 times faster.
- 6 and up would increase the gains by .25 per point.
Max level = 10

Pros: More EXP while running in the ki room would be great.
Cons: Can't Ki Room until you're a higher level.

Guild Suits (Free to all members over level 200)**********
- 1 point = 100,000lb guild clothing.
- 2 points = 250,000lb guild clothing.
- 3 points = 500,000lb guild clothing.
- 4 points = 750,000lb guild clothing.
- 5 points = 1,000,000lb guild clothing.
- 6 and up would increase the weight by 150,000 per point.
Max level = 10

Pros: More EXP in the Ki Room, especially combined with points in Ki Rooms. Free to all members over level 200.
Cons: Again, can't use the Ki Room until later on. More weight drains more PL.

EXP Booster**********
- Holder starts at 25% or more EXP per level.
- Can only be one EXP Booster at a time. If someone puts in more EXP towards the guild, they can take your Booster.

Pros: Faster Leveling.
Cons: Need to give the guild more of your EXP in order to keep it, and that means you'd get less EXP from lifting or running in the Ki Room. Only one per guild, no matter what level the guild is at.

- 1 point = Unlocks Weight Rooms and Guild Grass
- 2 points = Unlocks Ki Rooms
- 3 points = Unlocks NPC Room (Briefs, Barber, Videl, Etc)
Max Level = 3

Pros: Needed if the guild wishes to train.
Cons: Takes away early guild points, making it harder to save up for a better Gravitron or Ki Room, etc.

More to come. My brain hurts from all of this.


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Amazing Guild idea. Empty Re: Amazing Guild idea.

Post  Nethys on Fri Sep 05, 2008 1:22 am

Ah, Drew. You just sparked something in my brain as well when you said 'Guild Budos'. I remember a game that I used to play zeta rip ftw! But, they had an interesting thing to do with their clans. And that was a guild budo.

This would be a great way of showing which guild is truly 'stronger'. Whether it would be a friendly battle, or an all out war between two rival guilds. The maximum amount of people that can enter from each guild could be 10 people approximately, so if it was a big guild then they would have to choose their most finest warriors to battle. Along side this, whoever wins there will a little announcement telling who wins. Therefore, adding to the Guild's current experience.

Normally I would say make the ring a bit bigger, but this would help tone people's fighting skills as well fighting with a lot of people in a small area. Not sure how you could not damage your allies though. I dunno.. just interesting thought that came to mind.


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