Icers, and my ideas with them

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Icers, and my ideas with them Empty Icers, and my ideas with them

Post  Nethys on Mon Dec 22, 2008 9:38 pm

Ok.. here goes. I think that it would be cool to have two different Icer icons. Say when you were to choose your race and you *clicked* Icers it would ask you if you wanted to use Frieza's base, or Cooler's base. Now some of you might think that can't be done because we don't know what Cooler's first 3 bases were. But that is where we could be creative and make the forms look like what we might think they should or could look like. We could even just change Frieza's base and make it more distinct by changing some of the features.. who knows?

Frieza's Base
-Frieza Form 1 - Would look the same as his base form.
-Frieza Form 2 - This is his more bulky/taller form.
-Frieza Form 3 - The strange trans where he grows a huge head (lol)
-Frieza Form 4 - 'Final' Form, where he's smaller.
-Frieza Form 4.5? - Bulky Final Form - This could maybe be a transformation that you could get after meeting some certain requirements such as: pl, # of kills, maybe even doing a secret/hard quest chain for an NPC.. who knows just an idea.
-Frieza Form 5 - Mecha-Frieza

Another idea could be to choose between either Bulky Final Form, or Mecha-Frieza form. Say you chose Bulky Final Form you would get a substantial stat boost to compared to Reg. Final form. You would still have to walk SW, or Hell pending on your Karma.


If you were to choose Mecha-Frieza Form you could be sent to Geros when you die 'cause you would technically be rebuilt or something. Maybe even have his starship land on a spawn point, just some ideas.

Cooler's Base
-Form 1 - Same as Base
-Form 2 - Bulky/Taller
-Form 3 - Maybe a big head as well? Depends on the iconner I guess.
-Form 4 - This is the form we first see him in on the show.
-Form 5 - This is the form we see him transform into while fighting Goku.
-Form 5.5? - Mecha-Cooler

Same as Frieza form, where he could get the stat boost or die and respawn quicker.. just spitting out ideas here.

Well those are my thoughts on Icers, don't flame me if you think it's stupid. Post what you think!


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