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Racial Balancing Empty Racial Balancing

Post  Krasuar on Sun Aug 24, 2008 4:02 am

James is having Rem and myself go over the races and their different forms and try to re-balance them. Progress is fairly slow but got a good bit done in one sit down so the rest shouldn't take to long. Not everything will be changed/or need to be. Shall see how it goes.

Current Progress

Nameks - Finished.
Majins - Finished
Androids - Finished.

Humans - Finished.
Bebi - Finished.
Icer - Finished.
Saiyan - Finished.
Halfbreed - Finished.
Dragons - Finished. Working on an alternate idea still.

Demons - Finished.
Bio Androids - Finished.

Sparring - Idea thought up, not writen down yet.
Kaioken - Finished.


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